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Some of the basic stuff about Sodaia.


What we are doing is free, so the only thing that keeps us going is donations. So it helps a lot if you can donate to waht equivalent to a cup of coffee. It helps a lot!


We develop tools for the game servers and communities around the world.


We ensure that everything we develop is safe and it will be tested before we publish it. We also help with web development.


Our history.

  • 2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We started with very few developers who just wanted to help and expand their skills by helping people without getting paid for it.

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Our Amazing Team

Developers, designers and staff.

Simeon Dahl

Lead Developer

These are some of the people who spend much of their free time to help new community in getting a stable infrastucture to handle new people and systems that work.

Contact Us

Here you can contact us if you need any help or tools developed.