Full Version: LCPD Dispatch 0.9.5
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No longer updated! - I'm not developing more on this software. If people still wanted updates/new function, please leave a comment below and if people still want the software, I'll start developing it again. Sorry.
Welcome to the LCPD Dispatch. This program allows you to improve your RP experience as it allows you or the active dispatcher to keep track of all the units.
[b]New things[/b]
We are going to add more functions as the time goes on. Right now it's only beta so it can't do that much, but it works.
[b]Report Bug[/b]
Just write me a message or leave a comment in the section below. I'll try my best to fix them.
[b]Known Mistakes[/b]
Sorry about the misspellings. I'll try my best to fix them :-)

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