January Content Update

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January Content Update

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Added 3 Test Maps: Valley, Fast Food and Penthouse (Heavily WIP!)
  • Working Mirrors
    Vivox Integration
  • New Weapon Descriptions
    Interaction ranges and icon sizes in Lobby
  • Fixed a rare bug causing you to get stuck on the loading screen
    Fixed rare bug where trap wires would look incorrect (when doors were fully opened)
    Fixed broken lightmap UVs
    Fixed team view cam sometimes going to pre-mission planning level (viewing SWAT truck)
    Fixed Optiwand mesh not appearing in Team View Cam
    Various bugs and crash fixes
    Depreciated SWAT command decal markers and outlines


  • Sight swapping/toggling for new optics
    Free Look (with option to activate through a hold or toggle). Also has a wider horizontal range of movement
    Alarm traps
  • Better weapon offset for super wide monitors
    Grenades now have a more centered throw trajectory
    Improved melee system for players and AI
    Improved melee hit detection
  • Reduced max Flashbangs and Stingers per player to 4
    Start match time reduced to 10 seconds (previously 20 seconds)
  • Fixed loadouts occasionally resetting
    Fixed bug that could cause the arrest target to teleport


  • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution graphics option
    Options to disable world decals or modify their density and fade distance (significant performance improvement for some hardware)
  • More items now visible in mirror/team view
    NVG visual overhaul
    Several tweaks to reduce blinding the player
    Re-enabled NVG spotlight with extremely low intensity to take care of fringe cases where there's not enough light data
    New LUTs for green and white phosphor options (coming soon)
    Updated overlay material to show inner screen reflections/lighting
    Tweaked exposure curve for better "auto-gating" in extreme light conditions
  • Fixed some clipping issues at high FOV and low aspect ratio
    Fixed clipping when player was in Low Ready but playing a blocking animation
    Fixed crash on some GPUs running low settings on DX12



  • Allow arrested AI to move
    Increased AI step angle so they don’t get caught on small props, causing them to be stuck in place
    Significantly improve AI enemy detection reaction time (SWAT especially)
    Fleeing Improvements
    No fleeing to outdoor areas
    Reduced occurrences of AI running into you
  • Any AI can set off traps
    Increased default number of Roamers to 3
    Increased morale loss from SWAT bash/melee attacks
    Tweaked Rules of Engagement
  • Fixed roamers so they don't try roam where they can't go (e.g. through locked doors)
    Fixed surrender exit bugs
    Fixed bug with instant snap aiming
    Fixed bug causing AI that are getting up to 'pop'
    Fixed AI being able to see through pixel perfect gaps in geometry
    Fixed bug causing AI to be less aggressive than intended


  • SWAT will fire back when sensing damage (fixes SWAT getting shot and not returning fire, also allows Suspects to fire back if they they take damage through walls/doors)
    SWAT will abort arrest if target is not surrendered, or is already arrested
    SWAT now use door interactions from the center (reduces issues in tight geometry spaces where the point on the navmesh will end up on the wrong side)
    SWAT now checks if enemy is fake surrender/drawing/picking up a weapon for engagement checks (with a small buffer of time to simulate delay)
    Improved SWAT navigation for all maps
  • Reduced time spent with weapon up on suspects so they can shoot quicker
    Stack 1/1 on door if giving a single team command (red/blue)
  • Fixed crash if you collect evidence while giving 'Collect Evidence' command to SWAT
    Fixed several issues causing stalls when breaching and clearing
    Fixed giving two commands in quick succession leading to SWAT not executing the first commands
    Fixed issue where giving quick commands to different SWAT teams could have them execute on the wrong contextual data (e.g. previous door/location)
    Fixed bug that could cause the navmesh to break after using 'Shotgun and Clear' on a door
    Fixed SWAT executing 'Breach and Clear' command early.


  • Hesitation Mechanic
    Reaction animation to heard gunshots
    Suspects investigate trap stimulus when trap goes off
    Suspects lower weapons against walls and doors
  • Tweaked suspect accuracy for better engagements
    Suspects are more likely to surrender if you yell at them before they've targeted anybody
  • First 3 bullets that a suspect fires have an accuracy penalty
    Suspects in Hostage Rescue now execute hostages after spotting an enemy instead of when hearing aggressive noises.
    Reduced shotgun fire rate to 1/sec (We will miss you, shotgun John Wick)
    Beanbag shotgun removed from suspects on Hotel
    Patrols can only end up inside (but can traverse outside)
  • Fixed Suspects using trapped doors when they had been peeked open
    Fixed Suspects spam firing
    Fixed patrols sometimes not working


  • Halved civilian morale

  • Use (Only) key bind
    Added Toggle Secondary Sight key bind. Default is bound to P
    Added Free Look Toggle and Hold key binds
    Advanced mirror options (anti alias, decals and dynamic shadows. disabled by default)
    Mouse inverted options for Optiwand
  • Fixed Reload, Tactical Reload and Mag Check binds


  • Implemented crouch animation for 'Paper Doll' health indicator.
  • Changed heal prompt to ‘Press F to Stop Bleeding’
  • Fixed NVG Paper Doll icon not being displayed sometimes


  • Added Performance Profiler (to capture and send performance issues to VOID)
  • Reduced VRAM usage by ~2GB
    Loading screen improvements
    Significantly improved Beanbag and Pepperball particle performance (especially when spammed in a small area)
    Flashbang post process effect
    Beanbag impact particle
    Team View & Optiwand render performance
    Significantly improved team view/optiwand memory usage (was using 16x more memory than needed)
    Main Menu performance
    Mirror performance
    Rain particle FX performance
    Potential stutter improvements
    Performance on levels with many AI
  • Fixed frosted glass (causing major performance hits)
    Fixed stinger post process effects severely affecting game performance by ~50%
    Fixed stuffer when team view/optiwand are active

  • Host Migration
    Only attempt migration on Connection Lost or Connection Timeout
    World state is saved from client perspective at the time of disconnect (getting you back into the game seamlessly)
    Host admin game controls
  • Join random session within desired ping instead of always joining lowest ping (allows people with slightly higher ping to receive players / spreads players over more sessions)
    Greatly optimized network performance
  • Allow joining of servers using Find Sessions running different mods if checksum is turned off(and server has checksum turned off), option available in settings.
    Modded games can now always join any server that has checksum disabled regardless of their own checksum state (vanilla games will only join modded games if this is turned off)
    Change session state in pre-login if server is full (may help with finding full servers)
    Sync movement for physics props placed in the world
    Stagger the initialization of the world over the full time to help reduce bandwidth load when starting a level
  • Fixed 'Time Until Bomb Explodes' on Bomb Threat only showing for the host
    Fixed occasionally not being able to join sessions
    Fixed quit to main menu not going back to main menu if not a listen server
    Fixed being kicked when restarting the mission
    Potentially fixed some issues causing disconnections (and added further logging to determine any other causes)
    Fixed other SWAT appearing in truck for clients
    Fixed issue where light/laser could fall out of sync if used outside of network relevancy range


  • R7 Launcher, a magazine-fed customizable pepperball gun.
    MK.16, reliably accurate 5.56 assault rifle.
    BCM MK1, weapon skeleton with new audio/model/mesh exclusive to Supporter edition owners. No statistical advantage over other 5.56 ARs currently in game.
    SLR 47, modernized Eastern carbine boasting compactness and power.
    Added ATACR and SDR optics to M4, SBR-300, SA58, BCM MK1, Mk. 16, SR16, and HK416
  • G19 Gen5, updated model/audio for the G19.
    P92X, updated model/audio for the M9A1.
    Reduced camera shake when shooting SA58
    Significantly lowered UMP45 Recoil
    Shortened the SBR-300's barrel significantly
    'Thumb over bore' combat grip now used for HK416, SBR-300, and SR16
    New Stinger Grenade model.
    New Flash Grenade model.
    New CS Gas Grenade model.
    Increased fire rate of AR-pattern weapons to be more realistic
    SRS optic now uses risers for HK416, SBR-300, and SR16 (if you had the SRS equipped before this change, you may have to re-equip on the workbench)
    Corrected laser rotation when right up against an object
  • Fixed M4A1 socket for M600V
    Fixed double sound playing for MPX, UMP45 and SBR-300
    Fixed brake scaling for SR16
    Fixed shotgun accuracy
    Fixed P92X(M9) pistol using wrong inertia values
    Fixed G19 backplate not moving with slide
    Fixed G19 slide plate not actually disappearing when an optic is attached

  • Fixed lowered shield reloads with Python revolver
    Fixed A-Pose when killing arrested AI
    Fixed wrongly assigned animations for m45A1 speed reload
    Fixed arrested death poses

  • Re-enabled physics prop interactions (Increased push force so you cannot get stuck on/behind them)
    Fixed collision with thrown items (Chemlights and Grenades)

  • Scores will no longer save if game is modded
    Traps no longer impact scoring

  • Removed loading screen percentage when going back to main menu (as it's a blocking load)
    Fixed mission select not working if two inputs were sent at the exact same time
    Fixed 'Finding Session' text not showing on the menu


  • TOC Voice
    New set of generic female voice lines
  • Removed unused voice files
    Removed legacy/placeholder voice lines
  • Only agender Judge lines play when ordering arrests
    Updated female civilian voice lines

  • Footstep tweaks for 3P Civilians / Suspects
    Bump sound size for pistol melee so it doesn't pan as player moves
    3P weapons slightly sidechain bullet impacts now
    Lowered volume for certain sidearm melee foleys
    Tweaks to certain 3P weapons for better parity
    Slightly lower bullet crack chance, removed EQ
    Added updated taser assets and updated taser shot / hum
    Lower trap cut volume
    Many tweaks to existing events across the board to minimize sound drop out
    Updated Mk. 16 / SBR300 / SA58 / Stinger sound events
    Disabled auto activation for many sound sources to prevent leaking
    SWAT voice lines can be heard in headset at range


  • 'Fast Food' restaurant song(It's a bop)
    'Penthouse' music

  • Added Korean, French, German and Czech translations
    Korean text now uses Numan font

  • Fixed spelling/grammar misteaks
    Added Discord Supporter Code in settings (for Supporter server verification purposes)
    Crash reporter now displays a simple error message (ie. Crash, GPUCrash, Assert) and the reason, if possible

  • Shoothouse target mini-game (Shoothouse timer is now operational)
    Coffee machine in Lobby (with speed buffs for certain drinks)
    Updated Shoothouse trigger box range to get out of forced Low Ready at the first door

Wenderly Hills Hotel -- 'Checkin' In'

  • Active Shooter Mode
    Hostage Rescue Mode
    Raid Mode
    Hotel's lobby and first floor areas now available for new modes
    Added Chef models

213 Park Homes -- 'Twisted Nerve'

  • Raid Mode
    Second house has been opened up.
    Added destructible lights
    TV now plays static sound(spooky)
    Sewer area now plays dripping sounds(yucky)
  • Environmental Updates
    Incapacitated Minor score penalty increased to -350 (previous penalty was erroneously -15)
    Adjustments to Meth tunnel ambience
    Tweaks to Meth audio
    Additional sounds added to sewer
    TV on floor in main house now plays sound
    Chime sound added to main house side
    Additional sounds added to spawn garage
    Additional sounds added to street light near spawn
    Rat / debris sounds now play around main house
    Added volume to Meth front door so outdoor ambience plays in near it
    Child's radio on Meth now has event cone parameter so player can't hear it behind wall
    Female suspects on Meth now use female suspect lines
  • Fixed popping of certain Meth sounds
    Fixed some navs in meth
    Fixed out of bounds areas
    Collision fixes
    Lighting fixes
    Fixed some Meth spawns where AI wouldn't be able to move
    Fixed AI not being able to navigate the hole in the fence on Meth

Caesar's Cars Dealership -- 'Buy Cheap, Buy Twice'

  • Bomb Threat Mode
    Added rockin' radio track courtesy of a legend
  • Max attenuation for barrel fire reduced
    Increased distance of Dealer car passerby SFX
    Slight volume tweaks to outside Dealer outside quake SFX
    Minor Dealer artwork changes

4U Gas Station -- 'Thank You, Come Again'

  • Adjustments to certain Gas ambiences
    Huge overhaul of ambience volumes to prevent leaking
    Certain room tones changed for better parity
    Certain spatial sounds moved
    Flies now fly around poor Mudasir

Port Hoken -- 'Hide and Seek'

  • Bomb Threat Mode
    Added creepy auction music to auction room
    Added blocking volume to certain area so players can't go for a swim
  • Tweaked Raid AI count
  • Fixed drip sound from stopping and starting, remove second sound for better consistency with location